Our Story

Established in 2007, Black Diamond MX quickly became one of the Midwest's top motocross graphics companies. Our deep roots in the motocross community inspire us, and today we're fortunate enough to service customers from all over the world.

Nick Jackson, circa 2004.

Nick Jackson, circa 2004.

In 2012, Nick Jackson took over the day-to-day operations and has been living and breathing Black Diamond MX ever since.  Nick's passion for motocross started when he was four and kicked a (tiny) leg over his very first Yamaha PW50. This passion hasn't faded, and we're proud to say he is one of the few owner/operators that also carries an AMA Pro Racing License.  

In 2014, we moved our headquarters to Lake City, MN and we haven't looked back.  Today, our office is tucked in the hills of beautiful southeastern Minnesota, and just minutes away from Millville, MN, home of the AMA Pro Motocross Spring Creek National. 

Which brings us to today.

As a company, we enjoy being involved in the motocross community and supporting amateur and pro-riders alike. We bust our ass to deliver quality graphics, jersey lettering, apparel and accessories to make you look as good as you (hopefully) feel out on the track.

We're a passionate, moto-loving, eat-sleep-ride kind of company, and hope to see you out at the track soon.

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